Academic Training



Teaching staff development course

Each teacher who has not been appointed for (6) years must pass the courses by achieving (70) points from the total number of the course courses. For its teaching effect, a letter of thanks and appreciation is granted from the President of the University in the event of achieving the higher degree and within one academic year only.


The first axis: teaching methods and scientific research.

  1. Writing scientific sources in theses and research using Mendely.

  2. How to write a scientific research.

  3. Fundamentals and ethics of scientific research and publishing.

  4. Research writing mechanism using the Latex editor.

  5. How to increase the visibility of scientific research.

  6. Fundamentals of evaluating scientific research.

  7. The mechanism of writing scientific research and discreet publishing.

  8. How to avoid plagiarism .

  9. Scopus and H-index.

  10. Academic publishing and research delivery mechanisms.

  11. How to write a scientific research using EndNote.

  12. Modern teaching methods and educational rehabilitation.


The second axis is computer and the English language

  1. English Language for Academic Skills.

  2. Office course.

  3. Learn the Visual Basic programming language for beginners.

  4. Programming using Matlab.

  5. Expert System.

  6. Finite Element modeling.

  7. Bilateral and triangular drawing using Autocad.

  8. Simulation courses and programs within the specialty.


The third axis is statistics and its applications.

  1. Basic concepts in statistics.

  2. Statistical applications using SPSS.


The fourth axis: Examination questions and methods of evaluating students.

  1. How to set exam questions to achieve the desired learning outcomes within the course.

  2. Education based on learning outcomes.

  3. Modern methods of teaching students.

  4. Methods of evaluating students.

  5. E-learning methods.


Administrative staff development course


The first axis: computer training courses.


The second axis: courses related to the administrative side.

  1. Modern skills in preparing and drafting administrative correspondence.

  2. Planning and organizing work skills according to administrative quality requirements.

  3. Professionalism in preparing minutes and work reports of administrative committees.

  4. Behavioral development of administrative staff.

  5. Quality Management.

  6. Legal principles, foundations and legal culture of the employee.

  7. Financial management, control and auditing.


The third axis is courses related to the Arabic language.

  1. Arabic proficiency.

  2. English proficiency.


The fourth axis is courses related to self-development.

  1. Strategic planning and thinking.

  2. Achieving creativity at work.

  3. Discipline of state employees.

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