vision and objectives


Section vision :

Work to sustain and ensure an academic, research and institutional environment and a means in the university in order to reach: ranks in the classifications between national and regional universities.

Department goals

  1. Enhancing the university's position locally and internationally.

  2. Commitment to leadership and continuous development of scientific programs and strategic plans.

  3. Ensuring scientific leadership and excellence in university teaching.

  4. Supporting faculty development programs.

  5. Providing smart and technical services.

Department tasks :

  1. Contribute to the preparation and implementation of the university's annual scientific and research plans.

  2. Contribute to the preparation and implementation of strategic plans and follow up on their implementation.

  3. Preparing statistical reports on scientific activities and achievements of university departments. And centers.

  4. Following up the updating of the academic curricula in line with the scientific development and the requirements of the labor market and in a way that achieves the sustainable development of the university.

  5. Studying the proposals and studies necessary to create academic formations at the university or change their job titles.

  6. Preparing the organizational structure joints in the university formations and organizing the organizational charts.

  7. Developing a system describing administrative, technical and scientific jobs (job description) at the university.

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