Statistics Unit


Statistics section

The main task is to collect statistical data and information, update them periodically, organize them, and prepare reports related to them to benefit from them in the work of the university and provide the university presidency with the required data and statistics.

Tasks and duties

  1. Preparing statistical reports on the scientific activities and achievements of the university's departments and centers.

  2. Preparing the annual university statistics, issuing a brochure , and providing the ministry with that.

  3. Preparing statistics on the number of graduate students in undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

  4. Preparing a database of the university's employees, including faculty and staff, and updating it periodically.

  5. Preparing statistical reports according to the needs of the university and the ministry.

  6. Preparing the annual report of the university.

  7. Follow up the progress of work and find the necessary ways to develop it and enhance cooperation between the university and other universities. 8. Supervising the issuance of an annual brochure related to all university statistics.

  8. Follow up on the preparation of the annual report brochure.

  9. Follow up the monthly position of the teachers.

  10. Supervising the statistics of the primary and higher graduates bulletin.

  11. Follow-up statistics of the file database of leavers and new hires.

  12. Follow-up tabulation of data on faculty members' research.

  13. Archive all official books and university orders related to the electronic department.

  14. Supervising and providing ways to prepare studies and analysis.

  15. Supervision and follow-up of the smart information card system project.


Section of Planning, Training and Development

The main task is preparing scientific studies, analyzing the data available in the section, and providing scientific advice to those who benefit from the study. As well as supervising and following up the establishment of training courses in coordination with ministries as well as with international organizations.

Tasks and duties

  1. Develop annual training plans for university employees, departments and centers, and prepare an overall report on the training plan at the end of each year.

  2. Developing and updating a system describing administrative, technical and scientific jobs (job description) at the university and its name and its centers

  3. Preparing and updating organizational guides (the organizational structure of the university, its colleges and centers.

  4. Studying the university's training and professional needs for associates, technicians, and trainers, and preparing the required field studies for Al-Hussein the performance Administrative and raising efficiency and productivity.

  5. Organizing the administrative staffing of the university departments according to the actual needs and goods for any sagging in the organizational structure

  6. Generalizing the training courses received from the various ministries and universities sent to us through our ministry on the formations of the university

  7. Preparing the necessary plans and planning for the establishment of courses in order to develop human resources, developing capabilities and skills, and raising awareness among staff and teachers

  8. Preparing evaluation studies for training plans, events and activities at the university level, and studying the feasibility of them.


Data and Informatics section

The main task is managing the receipt and classification of data and information in order to analyze them and present them to the concerned authorities.

Tasks and duties

  1. Follow up on receiving the required information from the departments via e-mail or the department's online portal

  2. Tabulating the incoming data and storing them on the storage file of each division of the department.

  3. Follow-up to update the databases periodically.

  4. Preparing and updating the database of work leavers, appointments and contracts

  5. Implementation and follow-up of the department's electronic portal and updating it on an up-to-date basis.


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